We clean and maintain living spaces, be they inside or out and aim to enhance the aesthetics and experiences of residents in shared properties.

We invest time and commitment into each client and every visit. Having established an exacting roster of tasks and the necessary visit frequency, we tick every box on the agreed schedule, cleaning thoroughly and in areas many others overlook. Consequently, your property and/or clients will enjoy a better experience and begin to appreciate the investment they have made rather than regret or question the cost.

This is an important distinction between us, and the rest of the market; engage KW Cleaning and we will improve standards and deliver excellence, both in operational standards and quality results.

Communal Living Spaces

General cleaning & maintenance of hallways, stairways, lounges etc.


General cleaning & maintenance of hallways, stairways, lounges etc.

Internal Window Cleaning

Glass, handles, frames & sills

Dusting & Waste Removal

Banisters, handrails, surfaces & more

Bulb Replacement & Disposal

Immediate replacement with responsible disposal

Bin Storage Maintenance

Cleaning & organisation of bins & demarcation areas

Rubbish & Waste Removal

Fully authorised collection & disposal of all manner of rubbish and waste

Car Parking Maintenance

Considerate removal of moss, lichen & weeds from bays

Grounds & Garden Maintenance

Regular maintenance of lawns, plants, fences & infrastructure

Handyman Service

General maintenance & repairs - more than just a cleaning company

Litter Picking

Ensuring hygeine & preventing infestation of pests caused by waste

Sign Cleaning & Maintenance

Keeping directional & advisory signs clean and visible