Trauma and after death attendance

Human skills are just as important at these times

Published Wednesday, December 19th, 2018
Categories: KW Cleaning

Trauma and after death attendance

KWC clear and clean up properties, rooms and outside areas where a traumatic incident or accident may have occurred and we’re perfectly aware that family, friends and children may be affected by the event, so we do so with the utmost diplomacy and consideration.

“Sometimes we are called in to clear up where someone has been found, possibly belatedly, and pronounced dead. It’s not a crime scene, it’s a tragedy and part of everyday life that most of us don’t have to witness”, explains Karen Wescott, MD of KWC. She continues, “We are qualified to deal with all eventualities and provide a respectful and professional after-death cleaning services without causing any undue stress to the family. All our staff are trained and vaccinated for this type of work and we also hold a waste carriers licence to demonstrate where any hazardous waste has been taken for disposal”.

Where someone is left living in the property, it’s especially important to clean up quickly and efficiently so this person can get on with their lives without anything reminding them of the event.

We’re also perfectly capable of working with the emergency services and the funeral directors where necessary and equally happy to return and clear and clean up prior to the property being put on the market, so we can liaise with the estate agents too.

Contact us today if you are in need of a professional cleaning in trauma scenes or where a death has occurred. We offer a free no-obligation quote after one of our experienced staff has surveyed the scene that needs to be cleaned.