New service for demolition, scaffolding and construction companies

Work places made safe

Published Wednesday, December 19th, 2018
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New service for demolition, scaffolding and construction companies

There are many empty commercial properties are targeted by drug users and this represents a risk for those expected to start work in or around the property and its grounds. The risk to workman has to be mitigated before redevelopment, refurbishment or shop fitting can start and this entails a detailed risk assessment and a compliant plan of action.

Obviously, if the property is illegally occupied, the Police have the task of evicting them and the Councils have a role too, but eventually, someone has to make the site utterly safe for workers, that’s us.

KW are pleased to be able to offer those involved in construction and demolition our site clearing service as our trained workers offer land and site clearance services across Hampshire and Dorset.

One of the problems with empty city centre buildings and land are that they are often targeted by vandals, squatters, homeless people and drug users, with their actions often leaving the place dirty and unsafe for visitors, tenants and appointed contractors. Clearing and cleaning these sites ensures they are not littered with dangerous materials and infected with pests.

We can deal with, clear, clean and disinfect:

• Hypodermic needles
• Animal carcasses
• Human and animal excrement removed and area
• Body fluids (blood, vomit and urine)
• Bird fouling cleared and area disinfected
• Fly tipped rubbish

If you have a property or site that needs to be cleaned, do not hesitate to contact us. We offer a free no-obligation quote after one of our experienced staff has surveyed the scene that needs to be cleaned.

Karen Wescott
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