Critical service levels at crime scenes

When it comes to demanding scenes, clearing up professionally cannot be underestimated

Published Wednesday, December 19th, 2018
Categories: KW Cleaning

Critical service levels at crime scenes

We have all watched the crime dramas on television and are pretty familiar with the procedures and processes, terms and phrases used by professionals at these scenes, but nothing can prepare you for the personal impact clearing up afterwards has on you. So says Karen Wescott, Managing Director of KW Cleaning Services Limited at a recent networking event in Hampshire. Karen Wescott has personally overseen some if the worst crime scenes in Hampshire and is well known for proactively planning the cleaning and maintenance requirements of residential and commercial properties, but unexpected emergencies require a reactive stance and this requires an entirely different mindset, especially critoical crime scenes.

“Being available at two hours notice for on a 24/7/365 basis is highly demanding, you’re either 100% committed or not in the frame!” she explained. “Working with the emergency services requires the utmost balance between efficiency and respect, both for those charged with the task of dealing with the situation and those affected by it. We can clear up after a range events, ranging from incidents and accidents that might otherwise adversely affect people, organisations and society itself, if not addressed quickly”, she explains. “The situation we find ourselves in is often difficult and sometimes even dangerous, as we often have to deal with the aftermath of extreme weather events, a crime, various types of accidents and at times, hazardous spills that require specialist equipment and qualifications. KW is usually required on site as a matter of urgency and has to be prepared for all eventualities, something that the Company prides itself on. “Regardless of what the situation, we are here to help clear up whatever you’ve been left to deal with, on time and no fuss.