Exterior maintenance spring-cleaning starts now

Keeping your facilities clean helps all residents

Published Thursday, December 20th, 2018
Categories: KW Cleaning

Exterior maintenance spring-cleaning starts now

The first three months of the year are the perfect time to give the bins and bin stores at your block a deep and thorough clean, ridding the immediate area of leaves, branches and litter. We clean every aspect of the bin store, washing walls, fencing and doors both inside and out, we then empty the bins of residue waste and clean the interiors of each bin with bleach. In our experience, recycling procedures are far easier to adhere to when the facilities are respected and nothing is easier than simply caring for the bins and their immediate vicinity.

We can temporarily add this service to your existing contract or indeed attend on an ad-hoc basis. All we need to know is when the Council empty your bins so we can access them conveniently. Annual contracts can start from as little as £300 per annum for four visits depending on the number of bins in use.