Professional Interior Cleaning Services in Southampton


Interior Cleaning Solutions

Every property is unique and once we have visited and noted every last aspect of its architectural features, we establish a ‘roster’ of tasks and this forms the basis of the cleaning and maintenance schedule. We care for floors and ceilings, walls and doors, regardless of how expansive or how high. All door and window furniture is dusted and cleaned. Decorative features such as ornaments and paintings carefully cared for, dusted and adjusted to ensure they’re where they belong. We also clean outside entrances, steps and railings and other outdoor facilities, such as bin stores, lights and signs. We keep our eyes open for damage, stains or repairs that need attention and always strive to perfect the efficiency and effectiveness of our visit.

Communal Living Space

Starting at the entrance, we polish, clean and dust doors, doorframes, walls, ceilings, skirting boards, windows, sills, blinds, pictures and upholstery. We vacuum and clean carpets, removing stains and marks, and dust, mop and sweep hard floors, removal of scuff marks, chewing gum, stains and replace any faulty light bulbs.

Carpet Vacuuming, Cleaning and Stain Removal

Our regular carpet maintenance and cleaning service ensures the durability and lengthens your carpets life. We vacuum and clean carpets to perfection, lifting stains and removing foul smells, disinfecting the pile to avoid any unwanted pests by using equipment that gets right down to the bottom of the carpet pile.

Internal Window Cleaning

We clean the inside windows, frames and sills, removing dead insects and any marks, leaving them clear of dust, cobwebs and grease.

Dusting & Cobweb Removal

We thoroughly dust and clean banisters and handrails, picture frames and light fittings

Bulb Replacement & Disposal

We observe every aspect of the lighting of both internal and external areas that might need illumination for aesthetic, health and safety reasons; consequently, we carry comprehensive stock so that immediate replacements can be made. We also responsibly dispose of inoperable light bulbs