Professional Exterior Cleaning Services in Southampton


Exterior Cleaning Solutions

Every property needs to be responsibly reviewed and input from residents is essential if we are to achieve the best results. Once we have visited a property and possibly taken on board other’s comments and wishes, we establish a ‘roster’ of tasks and this forms the basis of the cleaning and maintenance schedule. The immediate outside of the property is a priority, but we also care for any paths and roads, picking up litter and cleaning any directional or instructional signs. We clear up and pressure wash car parking spaces, clean garage doors and frames and ensure the general environment is attractive and well cared for. We pay particular attention to bin stores and areas, cleansing them properly and responsibly.

Bin & Storage Maintenance

We deep clean and organise bins and their demarcation areas in such a way that we overcome this, erecting attractive and informative signs, providing advice and help. Well-organised, clean and informative bin environments will maintain hygiene and reduce the risk of pests and infestations while improving the waste recycling performance for all concerned.

Rubbish & Waste Removal

We are authorised and qualified to collect, remove and dispose of all manner of rubbish and waste, including hazardous waste, metals and other recyclable items. Anything of any value is sold and the proceeds donated to charity.

Car Parking Maintenance

Parking bays and areas need pressure washing, routing of moss removal of lichen and weeding at least twice a year to be convenient and safe, we arrange this in partnership with the residents as cars have to be removed to avoid being splashed with dirty water and grit.

Grounds & Garden Maintenance

Regular checking of the grounds, fences and infrastructure allows for timely intervention, rectification and repairing anything that goes awry while seasonally scheduled garden maintenance can greatly enhance resident’s lifestyle and enjoyment of the environment. We undertake mowing, pruning, lopping and planting in beds that are turned over and weeded.

Handyman Service

We pride ourselves in being so much more than just a cleaning company. If we spot a repair that needs attention, with your permission we’ll make sure it is fixed and restored. Our handyman service will make sure your repairs are dealt with efficiently and correctly

Litter Picking

Litter picking will not only benefit the look of the grounds, but it will also benefit the environment and wildlife. Regular litter picking will ensure hygiene and prevent infestations of pests caused by food waste is present. Specify this service from the outset and your clients will notice that there is never any litter hanging around.

Sign Cleaning & Maintenance

Directional and advisory signs within the grounds are frequently overlooked; we ensure they’re clean and visible so that dwellers and visitors alike can enjoy a clear, safe and welcoming reception. We can also advise on what’s required from a regulatory and compliance viewpoint and arrange for signs to be copy-written, manufactured and erected.

Void Cleaning

We can restore voided properties to a highly presentable level, allowing you to focus on re-using or re-leasing the property. From minor damage, to general spring cleaning, we can cover all aspects of commercial void cleaning.