Professional Emergency Clearing Services in Southampton


Emergency Clearing Services

Apart from cleaning residential and commercial properties, we also clear up after a range events, incidents and accidents that might adversely affect people, organisations and society if not addressed quickly. The situation is very difficult and even dangerous, as we often have to deal with the aftermath of extreme weather events, crime, accidents and hazardous spills.

Furthermore, we’re often required on site as a matter of urgency and have to be prepared for all eventualities, something that we pride ourselves on. Regardless of your situation, we are here to help you clear up whatever you’ve been left to deal with.

Clearing Up Service Offerings and Audiences

Emergency Services Support

We support the emergency services by being available on a 24/7/365 basis and being onsite within 2 hours of being called out. We are fully qualified and certified to handle body fluids and hazardous chemicals and dangerous debris. Emergency Service departments are asked to sign up to our service so they have the authority to use our Emergency Hotline number to the Managing Director.

Crime scene clean up

Most violent crimes will result in some sort of body fluid spill or include dangerous drug related debris, we are experienced in trauma scene cleaning and will ensure for a full removal and blood clean up from any accident or violent crime scene. We will render the environment safe within two hours of your call and once disinfected and cleaned, will issue a de-contamination certificate.

Smoke and fire damage

Rely on us to clear up and restore the walls, ceilings, floors and other contents to prevent the adverse affects of soot and smoke. Ash residue corrodes any surface and if not quickly and professionally cleaned, walls, ceilings, floors and other contents will be permanently discoloured. Salvageable items can be rescued and recovered. There are also health benefits of professionally cleaning the property as odours and particles are hazardous and can block airways and cause irritation.

Accidents and injury incidents at work

Factory and business owners and managers are responsible for the wellbeing of staff and other people on site in the event of an accident and injury, not someone from the emergency services. Once the victim has been removed and officials have concluded their investigation, the task of cleaning up can be turned over to a service provider like KWC.

Oil and chemical spills

One of the most common types of chemical spills in the workplace is oil. It’s used in everything from forklifts trucks to all manner of industrial machines and lifting equipment. Although it’s considered low toxicity, oil spills pose a direct threat to the safety of employees on duty. All it takes is a couple drops of oil on a flat cement or asphalt surface to send a worker slipping and falling to the floor. Using absorbent materials, such as pads, mats and socks, we can effectively clean up after a spill and prevent the accident from impacting on your productivity.

Estate Agents

If you have been appointed to sell a property under Probate that needs a complete and comprehensive clear and clean up, look no further that KWC as we can have the property back to its best in no time and are happy to work out of hours to meet deadlines.

Letting Agents

If and when properties are vacated in a less than ideal condition or if a few aspects need special attention, give us a call and we’ll nip over and give to a quotation to attend to it.

Removal Companies

If you are relocating a homeowner or a business, you’re in the perfect position to offer a clear and clean up service, either with the customer or through any estate and letting agent’s you work with. Either way, once you’ve done your job, your clients will judge the condition of the vacated property as evidence of how considerate, thorough and professional you are.

Hoarder clean up

Ploughing through a hoarder’s possessions is a soul-destroying task that few would want to undertake as Hoarders lose the ability to differentiate between rubbish and memories. Not only is the task uncomfortable, it’s also full of health risks, as accumulated possessions will shelter mould and bacteria, various kinds of pests and fire hazards. Call in KWC and we’ll employ quick and efficient measures to restore the hoarder’s home.

Storm Damage

Given that the climate is changing and extreme weather events are on the increase, it’s handy to know a property recovery company capable of being on site within hours to redress the situation. We can extract water, employ dehumidifiers and remotely dry the property prior to redecoration and refurbishment.

Burst pipes and leaking water tanks

Whether it’s a burst pipe or water tank or a major incident, we can carry out hygiene tests and clear the room or property quickly and effectively to minimise the damage. We can also manage waste and remotely dry out the affected areas.

Sewage blockages and back up

Severe rainstorms and floods can result in sewage systems becoming overwhelmed with raw sewage backing up. Sewage contains a number of harmful substances which can cause severe damage to buildings and ill health for the inhabitants. We can clear up, decontaminate and disinfect affected areas and once all pollutants and contaminants have been removed, will clean the area to the highest standard.

Construction and refurbishment handovers

If you’re a builder or construction company looking to hand over a recently completed project in perfect condition with any packaging materials disposed of responsibly, call on us to review the property and we’ll start and complete the clear and clean up on time and in time for the handover.

Public events

Where people congregate at events, inevitably there is letter to deal with, so if you are organising an event that needs pre, onsite or post event clearing services, give us a call to discuss and agree the parameters of the project.

Private events

If you are staging a garden party, a wake or wedding in third party grounds, engage us to manage the clearing up and litter pricking and we’ll leave the site in perfect condition and free of all debris and evidence of the event.